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2017 Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation Scholarship (松下幸之助記念財団)

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The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation has announced their scholarship application for 2017.

◆ Eligibility:
-Those from Asian, African, and Latin American countries.
- Those who begin master's program in Japanese universities in fall (including students who has already started studying in Japan as a bachelor or a research student).

◆ Scholarship Benefits:
- Living expense: 120,000 yen per month
- Admission (Entrance) fee: up to 300,000 yen
- Tuition: up to 600,000 yen per year
- Travel expense: Economy class roundtrip airfare between Japan and your country. (It will be paid only to those who will newly arrive in Japan.)

◆ Scholarship Term:
From October 2017 until completion of Master's program in 2019 (maximum 2 years)

◆ Application Deadline:
Please contact the department office for the deadline. (It should be several days prior to Wednesday, August 23, 2017.)
※The deadline fixed by Tohoku University takes precedence over the tentative deadline set by the foundation.

◆ Application Guide:
1. Economic Status Report should be stated as of October 1, 2017.
2. The forms can be filled out on your computer, and in English.