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2018 Teijin Kumura Scholarship for Doctoral student(帝人久村奨学生)

>>Read this information in Japanese/日本語で読む

The Teijin Scholarship Foundation (帝人奨学会)has released their scholarship application information.

◆ Those who satisfy the conditions below:
1. The applicant must be a student in a medical/pharmaceutical science, bioscience, ecience, engineering or information-science related course at a designated university.
2. Students who have decided to studey in a Doctor's course from October 2017 or April 2018
*Those who have already applied for other scholarship or selected as a scholarship recipient from a different organization, which does not allowed to receive a scholarsip from other organization, are not eligible to apply.

◆ Scholarship Amount:
60,000 yen/month
*You are allowed to receive other scholarship as well.

Scholarship payment period:
From April 2018 to the completion of the Doctor's course

◆ How to apply:
Prepare documents that are instructed in the guideline to submit them to the department office.

Application Period:
Please contact the department office for the deadline.
(It is likely to be a few days prior to the deadline set by the Student Support Section, which is Tuesday, September 5, 2017).