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2017 Tohoku University President Fellowship(東北大学外国人留学生総長特別奨学生)

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Tohoku University President Fellowship(東北大学外国人留学生総長特別奨学生)application information is now accepting the application.

◆ Eligibility:
Those who enrolls in Tohoku University as:
- Regular Graduate school students
- Research students
- Prospective students who plan to enter Tohoku University between April 2018 to April 2019

*Those who have the following conditions are not eligible to apply:
- MEXT scholarship students
- Those who study at Tohoku University being exempt from the tuition fees besed upon the agreetment on academic exchange
- JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) grant recipients
- Doctoral students receiving scholarship from Tohoku University Program for Leading Graduate Schools

◆ Scholarship Amount:
Equal to the amount of tuition fees:


(FY 2016) Tuition fee Examination fee Entrance fee
Graduate Students

535,800 JPY
(1 year)

30,000 JPY 282,000 JPY
Research Students 29,700 JPY
(1 month)
9,800 JPY 84,600 JPY

※Fees of Examination and Entrance should be paid one time only at the time of admission.

◆ Scholarship payment period:
From April 2018 to until completing the course period
Extension of scholarship period may be admitted in the following cases:
- Research students who enroll in regular graduate course
- Master's students who go onto Doctoral course

◆ How to apply:
Prepare documents that are instructed in the guideline to submit them to the department office.

◆ Application Period:
Please contact the department office for the deadline.
(It is likely to be a few days prior to the deadline set by the Student Support Section, which is Friday, January 5, 2018).