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2019 Teijin Kumura Scholarship for Doctoral student(帝人久村奨学生)

>>Read this information in Japanese/日本語で読む

The Teijin Scholarship Foundation (帝人奨学会)has released their scholarship application information for Doctoral course students.

◆ Those who satisfy the conditions below:
1. The applicant must be a student in a medical/pharmaceutical science, bioscience, ecience, engineering or information-science related course at a designated university.
2. Students who have decided to studey in a Doctoral course from October 2018 or April 2019.
*Those who have already applied for other scholarship or selected as a scholarship recipient from a different organization, which does not allowed to receive a scholarsip from other organization, are not eligible to apply.

◆ Scholarship Amount:
60,000 yen/month
*You are allowed to receive other scholarship as well.

Scholarship payment period:
From April 2019 to the completion of the Doctoral course

◆ How to apply:
Prepare documents that are instructed in the guideline to submit them to the department office.
Application documents are allowed to fill in English, however, there is no English version forms available other than the application guide.

Application Period:
Please contact the department office for the deadline.
(It is likely to be a few days prior to the deadline set by the Student Support Section, which is Tuesday, September 4, 2018).