This website was launched on March 15, 2011, in the aftermath of the earthquake hit East Japan on March 11, as an emergency measure to provide information to international students and foreign researchers in the School of Science, Tohoku University. It is our pleasure that 98.8% of students* came back to the campus and that all incoming students* entered as planned in this Spring 2011 semester. (*international degree students)
The School of Science stops updating as of today, but the website is left online to keep the record.
May 11, 2011

Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science, Tohoku University

[ Additional Information for Foreign Nationals ]
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Immigration Affairs

Information from Immigration Bureau
as of March 18

Special Treatment (Special Measures Act) in accordance with the Earthquake
The Ministry of Justice decided to set the special treatment.
Please refer to the Section 4 of the website below.

Information from the Immigration Bureau Relating to the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake
Japanese / English / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional) / Korean / Spanish / Portuguese

*Information Phone Line for Inquiries about Immigration Matters ⇒ See "Hotlines" below.

Re-entry (For Coming Back to Japan)
as of April 5

Those with Re-entry Permit but Plan to Come Back after the Permit Expires
You are supposed to obtain a new visa to enter to Japan. The visa application procedure usually takes about a month.

According to the Sendai Immigration Bureau, the Ministry of Justice has been considering to extend the expiration date of the Re-entry Permit, but no official announcement has been made about it so far.
Please ask a diplomatic office in your country whether you can get the similar arrangement for those who don't have the re-entry permit (see below).

[Reference] Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Extension of the period of validity of the re-entry permit to Japan

Those without Re-entry Permit
You are supposed to obtain a new visa to enter to Japan. The visa application procedure usually takes about a month.

As of March 31, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced a special arrangment concerning visa issuance for those who evacuated to overseas immediately after the earthquake without re-entry permit. According to the official website of MoJ, the Embassy/Consulate General of Japan (hereafter referred to as "diplomatic office") will issue a new visa much sooner than usual.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the details of the smiplified procedure.
Prepare the documents listed below and apply for a new visa.

  1. Visa Application Form
  2. ID photo
  3. Passport
  4. Photocopy of the Landing Permit (put on your passport) to prove that you stayed in Japan with resident status of "College Student" as of March 11, 2011.
  5. Certificate of Enrollment (在学証明書), or equivalent documents, issued after March 31, 2011.
    ⇒ request the certificate by email to DIRECT if necessary.
  6. Visa application fee (about 3,000 JPY), if your country does not have the visa waiver agreement with Japan
This arrangement will be effective until May 31, 2011.
For more information, please refer to the website of, or contact directly to, the diplomatic office in your country.

[Reference] Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
For International Students who left Japan without Re-entry Permit due the Earthquake
東日本大震災により再入国許可を取得せずに出国した留学生の方へ (Japanese only)

  • The special arrangement is applicable only to those stayed in Japan with the resident status of "College Student" (=international students), and thus not applicable to professors or researchers, at least as of March 31.
  • If your country has the visa waiving agreement with Japan (see the list on the MOFA's website below), it is also possible to enter to Japan as a visitor under the visa waiver program (=without obtaining a new visa) and then obtain a resident status afterwards.

    Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
    For International Students who went back to home country
    法務省:震災の発生により途中帰国した外国人留学生の方へ (Japanese only)

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
    List of Countries and Regions that have Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan

    Extension of Period of Stay (Visa Extension)
    as of March 23

    The period of stay shall be extended to August 31, 2011, if you are a foreign national:

    In other words, those who need to apply for the extension can postpone the application and still stay in Japan legally.

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    as of May 2

    Here are some hints for you to find a way back to Sendai.

    Major Transportation from Narita, Haneda & Nagoya Airports to Sendai [PDF]
    As of April 29 (revised on May 2) Updated [May 2]
    by DIRECT, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University

    Tohoku Shinkansen (as of April 29) [PDF] Updated [May 2]
    by DIRECT, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University

    Public Transportation Network
    by Yamagata Prefectural Government

    Prospects of Restoration

    Tohoku Shinkansen (東北新幹線)
    Shinkansen to Sendai has restored since April 25.
    Tohoku Shinkansen services are now operated with the temporary timetable, which is subject to change.
    Please check the latest information and timetable.

    Temporary Timetable: Effective from April 29 for a while [PDF]
    *Refer to the chart "下り列車" (1-4 of 8 pages) for services from Tokyo to Sendai.
    *The timetable is subject to change. Please check out the latest information when purchasing a ticket.
    *Services may be suspended or cancelled without advance notice due to unforeseen situations such as electrical outage.

    Sendai Airport (仙台空港)
    The airport has been re-open since April 13, but to domestic flights only for a while.
    Full restoration is expected to be around September 2011.
    *Domestic flights from Haneda were operated until April 28, but not any more.

    Sendai Airport Access Line (仙台空港アクセス鉄道)
    It is expected to take long for restoration. Shattle bus services from Sendai Airport to Natori Station (名取駅) are provided from April 13 in accordance with the restortion of domestic flights. Take a JR train from Natori Station to Sendai Station.
    *Direct bus services from Sendai Airport to JR Sendai Station are also provided by another transportation company, Sennan Kotsu (仙南交通). For the information, see here.


  • It is advised to make a reservation as early as possible, especially for highway buses and domestic flights departing on Friday, weekends, and holidays.
  • Some webistes in the chart below are available only in Japanese, or also in other language(s) but not as much provided as in Japanese.

  • Airline 全日空 All Nippon Airways (ANA) Nagoya(Chubu)-Yamagata
    日本航空 Japan Airlines (JAL) Tokyo(Haneda)-Yamagata
    Airport 仙台空港 Sendai Airport domestic only (currently)
    成田国際空港 Narita International Airport
    International & domestic
    Tokyo International Airport
    International & domestic
    中部国際空港 Central Japan International Airpor
    International & domestic
    山形空港 Yamagata Airport
    (in Yamagata, on mountain side)
    domestic only
    Train JR東日本 East Japan Railway Company (JR East) Tohoku Shinkansen
    Sendai Airport Transit
    Sendai Airport Access Line
    Bus 楽天トラベル:高速バス Rakuten Travel: Highway Bus Tokyo/Shinjuku-Sendai
    山交バス Yamako-Bus (UTORIA) Yamagata-Sendai
    JR東北バス JR Tohoku Bus Shinjuku-Sendai

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    Life & Housing

    as of March 31

    As of March 31, DIRECT have confirmed only a few cases of damage among international students in Science, and the cases has been informed to the lessee already. In other words, most apartments should be safe enough for you to go back and stay. If there is any damages to your room or apartment reported by real estate agency or owner, DIRECT has or will contact individually.

    If you need help finding a new apartment due to the damege to your room or communicating with your real estate agent, contact DIRECT.

    [NOTE] If you find anything wrong, like water leak or unusual smell, when you go back to your place, stop using the utilities and inform your real astate agent or owner.

    Infrastructure (Electricity, Water & Gas)
    as of April 18

    Electricity & Water
    Those are already restored in the most areas in Sendai by the end of March.

    Gas: LPG or City Gas

    LPG (also known as "propane gas")
    You'll be able to use the gas as soon as you come back.

    Sendai City Gas
    According to the Sendai City Gas Bureau, they finished reparing by April 17. However, you cannot use the gas until a technitian from the Sendai City Gas Bureau visits you and open the valve safely. Please find a notice left in your post or on the door, contact the Bureau, and make an appointment.

    as of May 2

    The City cannot operate the garbage collection as usual because of serious dameges to disposal facilities and the lack of fuel for collecting trucks, please try to minimize the amount of garbage you produce and keep rules when throwing the garbages.

    Followings are berief information on how to throw garbages in the City of Sendai.
    The garbage colletion information is subject to change from time to time.

    Domestic Trashes Back to normal since March 15 See [Note 2] below.
    Plastic Trashes Back to normal since April 25
    Cans, Bins, Plastic Bottles & Batteries Back to normal since April 2  
    Papers Back to normal since April 4  
    Items other than
    the above
    Each of 5 wards in Sendai sets a dump site to collect
    items broken due to the earthquake, such as
    broken glasses, dishies, furniture, and electric appliances.
    *The dump sites will be closed on May 10. Updated [May 2]
    See [Note 1] below.

    [Note 1]
    [Note 2]
    If you don't have the designated trash bags with letters in green, you can use transparent plastic bags instead, but only within this month in April.

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    MEXT Scholarship (for MEXT Students)
    as of April 28

    Returning Expense to Japan
    It is announced that the Ministry (MEXT) provides an air ticket of international flight to Japan. The special measure is applicable to those who evacuated to home country after the earthquake on March 11 and will/have come back to Japan in order to continue their study at the university.

    ■ Those who reserved the ticket through DIRECT Updated [April 28]
    Please wait for further instruction.
    Keep your E-ticket and boarding pass stub with you then.

    ■ Those who are eligible to apply for the compensation Updated [April 28]
    Pleaese wait for further instruction.
    Make sure to keep your receipt, E-ticket and boarding pass stub, otherwise the Ministry would not approve your application for compensation.

    [NOTE] Restrictions on the Travel Expense
    [NOTE] What are NOT covered by the measure
    the top of "MEXT Scholarship(for MEXT Students)"

    Stipend for April & May 2011

      If you sign up by The stipend will be transferred on
    April 2011 First Deadline Tue, April 12 at noon ⇒ Thu, April 28
    Second Deadline Thu, April 28 at noon ⇒ Thu, May 19
    May 2011 First Deadline Wed, May 11 at noon ⇒ Thu, May 26
    Second Deadline Tue, May 31 at noon ⇒ Wed, June 15

    Administrative offices on campus are closed on April 29 & May 3-5 for national holidays.
    You have only 5 business days, May 2, 6, 9, 10, & 11, by the first deadline.

    No matter where you are now, in Japan or home country, you must show up at Kyomu#3 on Science Campus and sign up by the designated deadlines (set tiwce in a month), in order to receive the stipend. Otherwise, you will miss the stipend for the month at all. (but you still eligible to receive the stipends for the rest of months and get exempted from the tuition fee.) If you won't be able to sign at Kyomu#3 by the second deadline, please email DIRECT and tell why and when to come back.

    Those won't be able to come back to Sendai by the end of April due to official warnings issued by the government (i.e. travel warning to Japan or evacuation call from the Tohoku area) may get some arrangement as exceptional cases. Please inform the details of the warnig to DIRECT if applicable.
    *This measure is applicable only to the sign-up for April, not for May.

    the top of "MEXT Scholarship(for MEXT Students)"

    Monthly Stipend Amount [From April 2011]
    As you may already understand, the amount of monthly stipend has been changed as follows starting from April 2011.

    *The amounts below includes the area allowance of 2,000 yen/month.

  • 125,000 yen/month to an undergraduate student
  • 152,000 yen/month to a student who is preparing to enter the graduate program
  • 154,000 yen/month to a master's student
  • 155,000 yen/month to a doctoral student

  • [NOTE] The change is not applicable to MEXT students by Recommendation of Global 30 Program (国費大学推薦G30枠).

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    MEXT Scholarship (for Self-financed Students)

    Domestic Selection: Emergency Recruitment

    Eligibility: Self-financed international students who were enrolled as (as of March 2011):

    *Not eligible if you meets either of the following conditions as of March 2011:

    Scholarship Term: for ONE month only *never be extended

    Scholarship Condition:

    How to Apply:

    [Nomination] Your department office will contact you if you are elibigle, probably through your supervisor or lab, in order to confirm whether or not you wish to apply. Reply by the designated deadline (maybe around April 20).

    [Submit Form] Nominees will be required to submit the following application documets by the middle of May.

    SDC Fellowship
    as of March 30

    Research Grant
    IIARE has decided to allow SDC fellows to carry over the remaining amount of the grant for Fall 2010 (Oct. 2010 to March 2011) to Spring 2011.

    For March & April, the stipend should have transferred, or will be done so, to the registered bank account on March 25 and April 25, respectively, as scheduled.

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    Disaster Information
    as of April 6

    ■ Official Information from the Japanese Government

    [首相官邸] Cabinet of the Prime Ministry of Japan: Japanese

    [外務省] Ministry of Foreign Affairs: English / Chinese / Korean

    [文部科学省] Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT) : Japanese

    [経済産業省] Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry: Japanese / English

    [気象庁] Japan Meteorological Agency: Japanese / English

    ■ Radioactivity Monitoring

    Tohoku University
    Information on radiation monitoring of accidents at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant
    Japanese / English / Chinese

    Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
    Reading of environmental radioactivity level
    Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean

    Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)
    Transition of radiation rates measured at environmental monitoring posts of the sites of JAEA
    Japanese / English

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    Useful Information
    as of April 22

    Websites for Foreign Residents in Japan

    Information from the Immigration Bureau Relating to the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake
    by Immigration Bureau
    Japanese / English / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional) / Korean / Spanish / Portuguese

    2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake
    by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

    Sendai Disaster Multilingual Support Center
    by Sendai International Relations Association (SIRA)

    TUFS-Multilingual Disaster Information Service
    by Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

    Earthquake Information -The Multilingual support center for the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific ocean
    by NPO National Managerial Council for Multicultural Information & Assistance

    ■ Hotlines

    DIRECT, Faculty/Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
    ⇒ See the Contact Information.

    Immigration Information Center at Sendai Immigration Bureau
    Japanese, English & Chinese
    Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM

    SIRA: Sendai Disaster Multilingual Support Center (9:00AM - 9:00PM)
    Sendai City Multilingual Telephone Service
    022-224-1919 or 022-265-2471
    Japanese, English, Chinese, & Korean

    MIA: Miyagi Support Center for Foreign Nationals (9:00AM - 8:00PM)
    090-5180-5343 (Japanese)
    080-1653-1724 (English)
    080-1653-1725 (Chinese)
    080-1653-1726 (Koren)
    080-1653-1727 (Portuguese)
    090-7334-4098 (Tagalog)

    NPO National Managerial Council for Multicultural Information & Assistance (1:00PM - 8:00PM)
    080-3503-9306 (English)
    080-3691-3641 (Chinese)
    080-3598-5837 (Korean)
    080-3486-2768 (Portuguese)
    080-3454-7764 (Spanish)

    Free Consultation with Lawyers (Mon-Fri / 10:00AM - Noon)
    03-3591-2291 (Tokyo)
    Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese, &Tagalog
    From March 29 to May 27, 2011
    Charged for the call, but not for the consulation.

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