This website was launched on March 15, 2011, in the aftermath of the earthquake hit East Japan on March 11, as an emergency measure to provide information to international students and foreign researchers in the School of Science, Tohoku University. It is our pleasure that 98.8% of students* came back to the campus and that all incoming students* entered as planned in this Spring 2011 semester. (*international degree students)
The School of Science stops updating as of today, but the website is left online to keep the record.
May 11, 2011

Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science, Tohoku University

[ Important Notices from the School of Science ]
Last modefied at 11:00 AM on May 2, 2011

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Univ. COOP & Library Aobayama Branch
as of May 2

Univ. COOP Facilities on Science Campus

From May 2 to May 8
Date Bookstore Cafeteria Noodle Stand Restaurant AOSIS
May 2 Mon. 10:30AM`7:00PM 11:00AM`8:00PM 11:00AM`2:30PM Closed
May 3 Tue. Closed Closed Closed Closed
May 4 Wed. Closed Closed Closed Closed
May 5 Thu. Closed Closed Closed Closed
May 6 Fri. 10:30AM`7:00PM 11:00AM`8:00PM 11:00AM`2:30PM 11:00AM`2:00PM
May 7 Sat. Closed 11:00AM`1:30PM Closed Closed
May 8 Sun. Closed Closed Closed Closed
*ATM available.

For more information, refer to Tohoku UNIV COOP HP.

Univ. Library Aobayama Branch
Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 8:00PM (since April 13)

*The 2nd & 3rd floors are still closed for a while.
*Air conditioning is not available.

For more information, refer to Tohoku University Library HP [ Japanese / English].

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Entrance to Buildings on Science Campus
as of April 20

Restrictions on the entrance to buildings on Science campus, expect for Chemistry Building, has been lifted since April 4. Faculty, staff, and students of Science can enter to the buildings on campus as they used to do before the earthquake.

[NOTE] In order to enter the Chemistry Building, students must (i) get permission from the department chair in advance and also (ii) be accompanied by faculty member(s).

As of April 20, 2011 at 02:00PM
Building Degree of


Gas Elevator Notes
Physics A Caution
› › › › Central and west-side stairs are available now but take with care.
Don't enter the space bet. Physics A & B.
Chemistry Caution
› › › ›  
› › › › Do not take the pathway bet. the North & South.
Some noizes may be heard in elevators, but okay.
› › › › Do not take the pathway bet. the North & South in 4th to 10th floors .
Some parts of exterior wall may be dropping.
Math Comparatively
› › › ›  
Physics B Comparatively
› › › -  
Physics C Comparatively
› › › -  
› › › ›  
Biology Comparatively
› › › ›  
Lecture Hall Comparatively
› › - -  
Administration Comparatively
› › › -  
Univ. Library
Aobayama Branch
› › › › See here.
Univ. COOP
Store & Cafeteria
› › › - See here.

Cracks in the ground are found at the west side of the parking lot next to Earth Science & Biology Buildings.

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Transportation between Aobayama & Sendai Station
as of April 19

Starting on April 18, Sendai City Bus services have been back to normal (previously in Holiday Schedule).

[NOTE] Services between Aobayama and Sendai Station have been back to normal, but note in some routes, buses run back and forth part of the route, or take a detour according to transportation conditions.

Sendai City Transportation Bureau (å‘äŽsŒð’Ê‹Ç) (Japanese only)

To Come to Aobayama Campus from Sendai Station

[Route# 710, 713 & 715]
Get off at î•ñ‰ÈŠwŒ¤‹†‰È‘O (in front of Graduate School of Information Sciences) and take a few min. walk down to Science campus.

[Route# 719]
Get off at —Šw•”EŽ©‘RŽw•W–{ŠÙ‘O (in front of Faculty of Science & Museum of Natural History).

To Go to Sendai Station from Aobayama Campus

[Route# S710, S713 & S715]
Take a bus from the bus stop î•ñ‰ÈŠwŒ¤‹†‰È‘O (in front of Graduate School of Information Sciences), which is located on the other side of New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe) across the street.

[Route# S719]
Take a bus from the bus stop —Šw•”EŽ©‘RŽw•W–{ŠÙ‘O (in front of Faculty of Science & Museum of Natural History).

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Campus Bus
as of April 14

The University announced that the campus bus service will be offered continuously in the Spring 2011 semester from Monday, April 25 to Friday, August 12.

Refer to Tohoku University Campus Bus [ English / Japanese ] for the time table and service calendar.

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as of March 28

Automatic Certificate Issurance Machine
The Machines on campus are unavailable between March 28 to 10:00AM on Apri 4, 2011 due to the annual maintenance. If you need certificates or transcripts, file a request at Kyomu#3.

[NOTE] Change of Password
Starting on April 1, 2011, the password to log in to the Certificate Machine (as well as to Online Registration System ) will be changed to Tohokudai ID password, which has been individually assigned with Tohokudai ID, from the one you used to use.

To Request Certificates by Email
Send the follwoing information to Kyomu#3 by email.
Currently it takes a more time to issue and deliver (especially by airmail) the than usual.
Those who need the certificate as soon as possible can request to send the scanned copy by email first.
  1. name
  2. nationality
  3. student ID number
  4. department
  5. Year & month of entrance
  6. Year & month of (expected) graduation
  7. What kind of certificate you need & how many copies (up to 5 copies at once)
  8. What the certificate is to be submitted to/for
  9. forwarding address (& email address if requesting the scanned copy)
Kyomu#3 (Gakusei Shien Kakari; Šw¶Žx‰‡ŒW)
Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM
sci-sien [at_mark]

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Diploma [For Graduating Students]

Those who want the diploma as soon as possible
Starting on April 1, 2011, diploma will be ready to be picked up at each department office or sent by mail on request.
Please send your request with the following information by email to DIRECT.
  1. Department
  2. Student ID number
  3. Neme
  4. Which do you prefer: come to pick up OR receive by mail
  5. Approximate time and date to come (if coming to pick up)
    Forwarding address (if receiving by mail)
  6. Anything to note (e.g. also want a certificate of graduation, want the scanned copy by email first, etc.)
DIRECT: direct [at_mark]

Those who don't need it soon & will come back to the Campus
Pick it up at your department office to after the Spring 2011 semester begins.

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Spring 2011 Graduate Admission Procedure

Incoming students in Spring 2011 semester was required to submit required documents in person at Academic Affairs Section (Kyomu) on Science Campus on March 16 or 17, 2011. Because of the aftermath of the earthquake, the admission procedure session was cancelled, and the admission documents should be delivered to Kyomu via mail by April 5, 2011. Those who need more time should contact Kyomu in advance.

[NOTE] Please notify by enclosing a note if you're applying for the admission fee waiver.

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Use of Libraries of Other Universities
as of March 18

Lots of universties in Japan kindly offers access to their university libraries to Tohoku students.
If you are staying close to any of universities listed below and wish to use the library, please note the followings.

  • Appreciate their offer and behave properly as a Tohoku student.
  • They will require you to show your student ID card or other kind of identification.
  • Conditions may vary depending on the university. Please refer to their website or contact them directly.

    Hokkaido Univ. (–kŠC“¹‘åŠw), Hirosaki Univ. (O‘O‘åŠw), Yamagata Univ.(ŽRŒ`‘åŠw)
    Univ. of Tokyo (“Œ‹ž‘åŠw), Tokyo Institute of Technology (“Œ‹žH‹Æ‘åŠw),
    Saitama Univ. (é‹Ê‘åŠw), Chiba Univ.(ç—t‘åŠw),
    Shinshu Univ. (MB‘åŠw), Niigata Univ. (VŠƒ‘åŠw), Shizuoka Univ. (Ã‰ª‘åŠw), Nagoya Univ. (–¼ŒÃ‰®‘åŠw),
    Kyoto Univ. (‹ž“s‘åŠw), Osaka Univ. (‘åã‘åŠw), Osaka City Univ. (‘åãŽs—§‘åŠw),
    Nara Women's Univ. (“ޗǏ—Žq‘åŠw), Okayama Univ. (‰ªŽR‘åŠw), Hiroshima Univ. (L“‡‘åŠw),
    Shimane Univ. (“‡ª‘åŠw), Yamagushi Univ. (ŽRŒû‘åŠw), Ehime Univ. (ˆ¤•Q‘åŠw), Kochi Univ. (‚’m‘åŠw)
    Saga Univ. (²‰ê‘åŠw), Kumamoto Univ. (ŒF–{‘åŠw), Kagoshima Univ. (Ž­Ž™“‡‘åŠw)

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