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Xu Benda from China


2nd year doctoral student in Physics
Laboratory: Research Center for Neutrino Science (RCNS)
Graduated: Tsinghua University, China in 2009
Posted Date: Oct. 2011

Four years ago, when I was about to graduate from Tsinghua University, I came to know about the neutrino experiments going in Kamioka, Japan. I found my interest turned into experimental physics and particle physics, which made me apply for IGPAS to do the great neutrino experiment at Tohoku University.
Currently I work for the Kamioka Liquid-scintillator Anti-Neutrino Detector (KamLAND), Tohoku's research facility for international collaboration of neutrino physics experiment carried out by scientists from Japan, US and EU. I am enthusiastic to work in the sense of global cooperation for intellectual wealth. In the group work of KamLAND, I get all that value best, motivated and fulfilled.
Sendai is beautiful and peaceful city that everyone will love. Although it is one of the metropolises, people in Sendai are very friendly. It is an ideal place to live and study.

Sources: IGPAS 2012 Application Booklet