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[Report] IGPAS GATHERING 2020 [2/15]

▶ ▶ Information prior to the event

IGPAS Gathering 2020, "Working in Japan" was held on Friday, February 15.
Three guests and 18 students got together to share their thoughts and experiences in a friendly atmosphere.

The summary of the presentations and comments by the guests, very informative and encouraging, are available from below.
Dr. MA Yue (Research Scientist, RIKEN, IGPAS Class of 2009. Dep. of Physics)
Dr. Kusuma Indra (Researcher/Engineer, DIC Corporation, IGPAS Class of 2018, Dep.of Chemistry)
Dr. TU Ngoc Han (Researcher, RIKEN, IGPAS Class of 2016, Dep. of Physics)



Here are the comments from the post-event questionnaire.

"The keynote speakers have an exciting topic.
Each of them has a different opinion, which valuable -- also, the discussion session answering my question well."
"I enjoyed hearing the experiences of our seniors and had a wider view into the 'real' life."

"The presentations were fantastic!"