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JSPS Application Support (Advisory Service)

The Graduate School of Science provides assistance to those who are applying for JSPS research fellowship (DC1, DC2) for AY 2022.
Prior to the document submission, you will be able to receive advice on your research plan from an experienced professor emeritus who may have a different perspective from your direct supervisor.
The advice will be provided multiple times (the first time, an online interview, and the second and subsequent times will be by e-mail).

1. Eligibility
Students of the Graduate School of Science who are applying for JSPS research fellowship for AY 2022.

2. Application Period
February 10-April 30, 2021

3. How to apply
Contact the person in charge by e-mail.
In the e-mail, include the name of the professor emertis who you wish to receive advice (see the list below), the title of the research plan, and the abstract of it.

<Inquiry & Contact>
Dr. Ryo Takahashi (
Office for Evaluation Analysis/Research Strategy, Graduate School of Science

4. Advisors
List of Advisors for AY 2022 application
*Only accessible within campus network

• Before using this support, please be sure to ask your supervisor first to comment on your research proposal.
• The service is for you to receive comments/advices from another expert in a field close to your own, which should be helpful for brushing-up your research proposal.