Kouichi HAGINO Kouichi HAGINO Kouichi HAGINO

Recognizing that it is a mystery - this is a starting point of any research.



1.What kind of the research are you doing?

As one of my current research themes, I am now working on the theoretical aspects of formation reactions of superheavy elements, such as Nihonium (the element 113). When Nihonium was synthesized in RIKEN, 70Zn and 209Bi were combined together by a fusion reaction. I am investigating reaction mechanisms of how aggregates of 70 particles and 209 particles combine together to form an aggregate of 279 particles, eventually forming 278Nh by emitting one neutron. Furthermore, I investigate reaction dynamics to form heavier superheavy nuclei, such as the elements 119 and 120, in order to clarify optimum conditions to efficiently form superheavy elements. This is related to a fundamental science question that where in the periodic table one should locate these superheavy elements and how elements (particularly heavy elements such as Thorium and Uranium) were synthesized in the universe and evolved to the present form.

2.What is the reason for starting your study?

In a chemistry class at high school, I learned that invisible air can actually be made from elements. My chemistry teacher was telling a joke, "did you see an oxygen molecule flying in front of you just now?". Since my graduate course, I have been working on heavy-ion fusion reactions (but for a somewhat lighter mass region than superheavy elements). Around 2016, the big news of Nihonium made me decide to put more emphasis of my research on superheavy elements.

3.Message for prospective students

There are many mysterious things in this world. Recognizing that it is a mystery - this is a starting point of any research. One then thinks why it happens and what is the law behind such phenomenon. In the case of theoretical works, one tries to reproduce such phenomenon using computer simulations and numerical calculations, and one extracts something new and interesting from such calculations. These are nothing more than researches which we are doing at universities. At universities, there are many people who have different backgrounds and interests. Particularly, in Tohoku University, there are experts and graduate students in a wide range of research fields. Please try to talk with us casually in occasions such as "open campus" (campus open house). You may find your future research theme from an unexpected direction, unless you limit your own interest to a narrow region!