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 It is a chance for you. You might notice something what everyone had missed.


Kunihiro ITO

1.What kind of the research are you doing?

There are some numbers which are defined by a limit or (sometimes equivalently) an integral. My interests are their hidden properties and relations among the numbers. I investigate the multiple zeta values and the Bernoulli numbers, specifically, their rich algebraic structures, and functional equations of the multiple polylogarithms which are closely related to them.

2.What is the reason for starting your study?

I firstly had no idea for my research area, and I studied whatever I was interested in. Then, I became to think that it is better for my study to be with people whom I can discuss with. Through some workshops, I had met many researchers who study the multiple zeta values. Therefore, I had chosen the topic as my research area. The definition of the numbers is simple but phenomena originated from it are various. I had also become aware of the profoundness of theories which were developed by former researchers to explain the phenomena. Until now, there is no theory which describes the whole structure of space of the multiple zeta values. Every report from researchers across the country, which tells their proceedings, makes me excited. Studying mathematics is like solving the puzzles day by day. And nobody knows their answers. It is too challenging for words.

3.Message for prospective students

On a research, it is not important to gain the same answer which others may also have. There is a value to illuminate the truth by your own way and explain it. Sometimes you will face a question which is regarded as trivial for the others. It is a chance for you. You might notice something what everyone had missed. Do not be afraid of having your own perspective. Keep trying to solve the problem you found.