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Takuya KAJI

1.What kind of the research are you doing?

Using organic synthetic methods, we are conducting chemical biology research focusing on a plant hormone, jasmonic acid. Jasmonic acids are closely related to plant defense responses, and show various activities such as growth inhibition, insect defense responses, pathogen defense responses, stomatal reopening activity, and induction of secondary metabolism. For example, there is a trade-off between growth and defense responses. It would be interesting to selectively induce specific biological activities, such as defense responses against external attack (insect feeding, pathogen infection, etc.). Our project aims to elucidate biological phenomena by chemistry by designing and synthesizing molecules that can control biological phenomena from the viewpoint of chemists, and by carrying out integrated evaluation of biological functions.

2.What is the reason for starting your study?

As a student of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, I was fascinated by the profound science of bioactive molecules, especially organic chemistry and natural product chemistry. I think it is surprising that life phenomena are the results of molecular interactions, and that bioactive molecules can influence life phenomena by adequately functioning in such interactions. Plants used as research subjects in our laboratories are unable to move, but instead develop chemical communication with bioactive molecules such as plant hormones. I was strongly attracted to the policy of our laboratory, which aims at biological control by chemistry and chemical elucidation of vital phenomena through chemical biology research of bioactive natural products in plant.

3.Message for prospective students

It's been more than half a year since I came to Sendai. The nature is abundant, the sake is delicious, and the ease of life that is free from crowded trains is attractive. In order to study at university, it is important to think about what you find interesting and how you can make it more interesting and put it into practice. Fortunately, I was blessed with my former teacher and the environment around me, and I was able to nurture my interests. I hope that Tohoku University will serve as a place for you to learn self-sufficiently. Among them, the life centered on the research of the science department is full of excitement. I hope you can find "something" that make your life more interesting.