Kyohei Yamada Kyohei Yamada

observing distant objects corresponds to watching their appearences in the past

Researchers - Message from Aobayama.


1. What kind of the reseatch are you doing?

My research is about the relationship between clouds and radiation.

2. What is the reason for starting your study?

I wanted to be a researcher who cloud go to South Pole; therefore I entered the Physics Depertment in Tohoku University. I started to research on clouds when I was in senior year of the undergraduate, we had a "Zasshi-kai"*, and I represented an article about the amount of the clouds in South Pole, but I cloud not answer the question form K, who is from next laboratory. For may graduation work, I continued working on the similar clouds that I represented in Zasshi-kai, again, I cloud not answer the question form K. I am trying to keep my research on the same area that I can answer any question form K or anyone.

3. Message for prospective students

"MEN WANTED for Hazardous Journy. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success. Ernest Shackleton"

This is an advertisement that took place about 110 years ago. Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton put this advertisement into the world. He is a hero who was knighted by King and whose quests were motivated by affluence and honor. Some became explorese only because of their curiosities, and some became explorers for money and prestigious. I only want to pursuit my will and needs. I will do my best; I hope you will do so too.

*Zasshi-kai: Not like Seminars, which are held only among one laboratory, Zasshi-kai is a gathering where we, the Geophysics Department members, all gather and discuss about research papers or our own research.