observing distant objects corresponds to watching their appearences in the past

Researchers - Message from Aobayama.


1.Tell us about your research

I do researh on the very distant galaxies using large telescopes. When you look at a huge scale such as the universe, observing distant objects corresponds to watching their appearences in the past, according to the relativistic effect. Using this effect I observe many galaxies at different epochs, and finally I aim to reval how galaxies form and evolve.

2.Why did you get interested in Astronomy?

The first time that I got interested in the cosmos was probably when I saw a meteor fragment at the museum. (I was about five years old then) Imagining the great journey the meteor have taken, I remember having a funny feeling, a mixture of exciting but somewhat sad and painful.

3.Message for prospective students

The Department of Astronomy at Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University is really an interesting place: the more you get to know, more you get to see. But you cannot understand its virtue unless you are steeped in it. Come join our Department of Astronomy to take issue with (or snap at) us!