Toshimitsu MURAOKA Toshimitsu MURAOKA Toshimitsu MURAOKA

Would you care to join me for holding the dream?



1.What kind of work do you engage in?

I assist and work with Prof. Terada (Dean, Graduate school of Science and Faculty of Science) in order to achieve university’s managerial goals and objectives of graduate school of Science systematically and effectively. In addition, I develop subordinates.

2.What is the reason for starting your work?

I got a job without knowledge about a work in the university because staffs in national university were national public officers, a civil servant is regarded as a steady job and gets a faint respect, and a bland as Tohoku University, which was one of imperial universities, was the object of admiration at the time. Now, I get a charge from involving with the activity such that a new knowledge created in the university, which is the core for creation and inheritance of knowledge, is utilized in the society, creates various values, and generates vitality in the society, as one of members of the university.

3.Message for prospective students

The most important ability of administrative staffs that the university requires is to fairly and adequately conduct an operation with a detailed knowledge of lows and rules established by the government and the university when I got this job. The universities became national university corporations in 2004. Then the environment surrounding the university has drastically changed. And it is expected that administrative works in the university will further change due to the evolution of AI and the growth of ICT in the near future. Thus, desired human resources and their ability also change, that is, it is needed that administrative staffs always think “How can I solve it?” and “How can I realize it?” with following the rules for various problems in university’s education, research, and contribution to society instead of effortless supports such as “I cannot do it.” and “It is NG.” because of the rules. Teachers in graduate school of science are searching after truth of the nature and creatively researching with freewheeling thinking and originality, and administrative staffs are supporting them with thinking as “How can I solve a problem?”. I recently hope that I witness a pleasure of the birth of Nobel winner from teachers in graduate school of science. Would you care to join me for holding the dream?