I hope that you will find good encounters with people and things you really like.



1.What kind of work do you engage in?

I am mainly in charge of work related to salary of the work of the Accounting Section.

When I was a student of Tohoku University, I researched to estimate the paleoenvironment using microfossils called planktonic foraminifera.

2.What is the reason for starting your work?

The first opportunity to get interested in this job was to know a lot about this work from a senior in club activities who became a university office worker. I have come to feel closer to the large organization behind the university that supports researchers and students by talk of senior’s work of that. I have thought I am most happy if I could help such people by becoming a university office worker because I was close to my friends who do research from early morning to late night and professor when I spent as a student in the Faculty of Science.

On the other hand, the opportunity made me want to do research using microfossils at university is I was observing microfossils in the extracurricular activities I participated in when I was a high school student. There are various types of microfossils and those have unique and cute appearance. Furthermore, each of them has a lot of information (seawater temperature, salinity, biological production, etc. at the time of those habited) and is useful for research as environmental proxy and age indicator (biostratigraphy).

When I first encountered microfossils, I was instantly drawn into the attractive world of them. Also, at that time, the high school earth science teacher researched benthic foraminifera (a kind of microfossils), so I often go to the earth science room to see it and be taught the story of the research.

As I did so, I became more and more interested in it, and I also wanted to research with microfossils.

3.Message for prospective students

I would like all high school students to try a lot of things you are interested in. And I hope that you will find good encounters with people and things you really like. Because I met microfossils by a little chance among the various challenges I have made. Also, the high school, university teachers, and friends are truly irreplaceable for me. Now, I am happy to be involved in the work that supports such people as a university office worker. And, the various encounters at this workplace are also important to me. Finally, I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Faculty of Science, Tohoku University, as a senior undergraduate student and as a staff member of university office worker.