Please try whatever you are interested in and polish your personality and area of specialty.



1.What kind of work do you engage in?

First of all, have you ever heard the Machine Shop and Glass Laboratory, where metals and glasses are processed, in the Faculty of Science? In the Machine Shop and Glass Laboratory (MAP-H35), there are 5 technical staffs in the Metal Laboratory on the first floor and 3 technical staffs in the Glass Laboratory on the second floor and all staffs wear working clothes. We are supporting research by designing and producing equipment and parts for researches in the University, supporting education by giving machine shop practice for students, and also managing safety and health such as doing fall-prevention implementation in each building. Since there are so many departments in the Faculty of Science, we receive requests every day from a lot of laboratories and even departments other than the Faculty of Science. We also take a role as “shelters” on urgent circumstances to deal with breakdown and repair. Every day, I make an effort to fully respond the request from clients and meet their need. I always draw plans and operate machines with challenging mind.

2.What originally motivated you to be a technical staff?

I grew up in carpenter’s family and there was a workshop like a woodworking room in my house. When I was a child, I did not play with dolls and play-house but instead, I enjoyed shaving various items by a plane and drawing lines on a floor by using an inked string. Apparently, these carpenter’s tools were toys for me. When I was an elementary school student, I loved watching a process of making things and I became aware that well-organized process affects conditions of work; even in the case of drawing and sawing, a deeply considered structure or pattern of products changes the outcomes. Making things, which realizes the shape of what one imagines, is interesting and that motivated me to become a technical staff.

3.Any advice for prospective students?

Please try whatever you are interested in and polish your personality and area of specialty. And I would like you to have a strong point that you can declare “This is what I can do better than anyone else. It can be your great advantage of yourself when you go out into the world. Probably, not so many people might be able to get a job that they wish, but you will never get a chance without making actions. Difference between grabbing an opportunity or not is very small, which is a sense of whether you realize it approaching to you or not. Thus, you definitely need to pay close attention to everything around you. Also, you should not make an excuse before putting your idea into action and not give up easily. When you face difficult situation and realize your weakness, what you should do is to think “the experience was a lesson to achieve your goal”. I think “rich imagination” is a key to flourish your life and a nature of “looking ahead” is also an element of successful life. Having a different person’s point of view is important to carry out things smoothly. I strongly believe that such attitude makes communication easily and helps to establish a trustful relationship and eventually leads you in a positive way.