All staffs are supporting researches to be helpful and hoping for researches to succeed.



1.What kind of the research are you doing?

There are three technical staffs in the glass laboratory. Some people might not know its presence. The glass laboratory had been established in 1911 when the College of Science of Tohoku Imperial University had been established. We employ traditional and advanced technique to work day-to-day.
My main work contents are to make and repair experimental instruments used in laboratories of the universe including the school of science, and give guidance about craft of glass. I’m making original experimental instruments, which are suitable for individual researches and are not available in the market, at the request of students or teachers. In my work, the improvement of my own skills is readily apparent. For example, I have got to be able to weld glasses with beautiful seams little by little through training and devices even though seams were messy at first. Now I’m honing my skills to weld more finely and quickly in the next processing.

2.What originally motivated you to be a technical staff?

I came to like science classes and studied chemistry mainly. I had started thinking about going into a work related with chemistry and found the recruitment in the current laboratory when I was in the job hunt. I thought “I wasn’t expecting that there are people making experimental instruments!” and “I wondered what a work in the university is like.”. I could not imagine my work but I remember that glass processing moved my heart in a tour of the laboratory. The fineness and boldness made by hands had impressed me.
I felt worried because I had no experience processing of glass and there was not female technician in the past. However, I had thought that I have growth potential because I heard from a technician that he acquired all technique after taking the job.

3.Any advice for prospective students?

There are many staffs supporting researches. They are professional with unique technique in various fields not only to making and repairing experimental instruments. All staffs are supporting researches to be helpful and hoping for researches to succeed. It is just worthwhile for technicians.
There are many teachers, friends, technicians, and other staffs in the university when you want to study something that you are interested in or you will be interested in. There will be many encounters in the university which also gives you a lot of learning opportunities. I’m looking forward to meet you.