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Do you know the Center for Research and Educational Cooperation in Science?



Do you know the Center for Research and Educational Cooperation in Science?

The center is organized into several support offices with varying roles and responsibilities, and provides faculties and students in the School of Science with assistance.

Let me introduce the offices to you, with tidbits of information on its staff members, by showing their answers to the two questions below.
1. What was your dream to be when you were a child?
2. What is your favorite proverb, idiom, or phrase?

Division for Safety and Health Management

Our office provides support for all the members of the School of Science and its affiliated facilities to conduct their education and research safely and productively.

In addition to share knowledge of the various regulations, such as Industrial Safety and Health Act, we try to deepen the understanding of the importance of the safety and health management for the everyday education and research. Our approach to the laboratories is very friendly hoping it will be easier for them to accept the idea, while to the students our focus is on education because this is the important first step for their future career.

Ayumi SAWAGUCHI (front row, center)
1. Person like Mother Teresa
2. Catch me if you can
Miwa CHIBA (back row, second from left)
1. Manga artist
2. Killing two birds with one stone

[Secretary to an associate professor (Deputy Director of the Division for Safety and Health Management)]
Tsuneko KUSAKA
1. Flight attendant
2. Failure teaches success.

Career Support Office

One of the missions of our office is to wipe out the anxiety about "after graduate career" of students so that they could go to graduate school with confidence. To fulfill this mission, we would provide students with career information and clarify their competencies obtained through scientific research, and now we have a plan to set up "job matching system" for our Ph. D students that help them to get rewarding job. We hope we could make our graduate course, particularly its doctoral course, more supportive and attractive.

Kunpei NISHIMURA (back row, left)
2. Feel the beauty and the dignity as it is

Campus Life Support Office (OASIS)

OASIS provides supports when students may have concerns regarding University life and other personal problems. Please feel free to contact us for consultation, but you are more than welcome to just come by and chat with us. OASIS hold variety of monthly/weekly events, the information can be found in our website and twitter. Study support with TA is available three days a week; graduate students will help you to understand the lecture courses better, or give advice on how to pursue your study.

Masashi IWABUCHI (middle row, left)
1. Counselor
2. Killing two birds with one stone
Kayoko KOSAKA (middle row, third from left)
1. Clinical psychologist
2. Time flies

Office for Public Relation and Outreach

The office started in October 2004 to enhance public relation and event planning for the School of Science. Later in 2013, the office expanded its scope of activity to outreach, as this field had been growing significantly in importance. Our activities other than the outreach are 1) managing the official website, 2) making videos and publications, and 3) gathering advantageous information for education and research.

Yuki SAWA (front row, right)
1. Creator/maker of some sort
2. Whatever will be, will be
Miki TODA (back row, third from right)
1. Work at publishing company
2. Make haste slowly
Natsuki HOTEHAMA (middle row, right)
1. Manga Artist
2. What one likes, one will do well.

Division for International Research and Educational Cooperation (DiRECT)

DiRECT provides assistance to international students, and Japanese students who seek academic opportunities abroad, and also functions as the Admissions Office for IGPAS (International Graduate Program for Advanced Science).

Mika KIKUCHI (middle row, second from left)
1. Tour conductor
2. Tomorrow is another day
Michiko KOHAMA (back row, third from left)
1. Flight attendant
2. Every cloud has a silver lining

Office for Information Technology

Since established in 2008, we have assisted education and research of the School of Science by putting   infrastructure for information network in place and keeping it in good condition. We maintain optical fiber network connecting buildings and floors, manage the network resources such as IP addresses and Domain Name System, control the core servers, e.g., the web server for the official website, and assist network services by developing wireless LAN system, which are all important to support the backbone of the School of Science.

Atsushi CHIBA (back row, second from right)
1. Police officer
2. No time like the present

Staff in charge of general affairs

Providing assistance and coordination for the offices of Center for Research and Educational Cooperation in Science

Yui NAITO (front row, left)
1.Violin teacher
2. Life is like a box of chocolates

Office for Evaluation Analysis / Research Strategy

Our responsibilities are:
1. To respond to the various types of qualitative evaluations of the university (such as Certified Evaluation, National University Cooperation Evaluation, and Departmental Evaluation) regarding management, education, research, and university-society collaboration, etc., through evidence-based data analysis.
2. To develop research strategy and measures to enhance research activities, by considering how to assist researchers to succeed in obtaining external funds which enables them to vigorously pursue their study.

Ryo TAKAHASHI (back row, right)
1. Diego Armando Maradona
2. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
* As of October 15, 2019, all offices of the Center moves from Science Complex A to Physics Building except for DiRECT, which moves to Science Administration Center Building.

*As of October 15, 2019, all offices of the Center moves from Science Complex A to Physics Building except for DiRECT, which moves to Science Administration Center Building.[*Link