Let us find something which you like and which you can concentrate on!



1.What kind of the research are you doing?

I study a variational problem related with the “bending” energy. More precisely, I would like to find a curve which minimizes the bending energy. The curve which solves the problem gives a model of the shape of a piano wire. This problem has its origin in letters between Euler and Bernoulli more than 200 years ago. There have yet been many unclear problems and these fascinate many mathematicians.

2.What is the reason for starting your study?

I am fascinated with researches of mathematics since natural phenomena such as heat diffusion can be described in terms of mathematics. Doing research itself makes me interested as well as the interest of the theme of the research. I usually challenge unsolved problems and it's very interesting. On the other hand, I sometimes go through hardships when the problem is too difficult to solve… The main tool to study is not laboratory instruments but my brain. So, difficult problems give my brain a hard time. Therefore, when I accomplish to solve difficult problems, I feel so glad as if I forgot a hard time. I think that doing research is very similar to the "workout" which I love from the bottom of my heart; in both cases we need a lot of effort to achieve the goal. The reason why I am fascinated with research may be that doing research has some similar features to workout.

3.Message for prospective students

I hope that many high school students make an effort to things which they like or feel fun. I think that we should concentrate on boring things and things we hate only when needed. In my case, English was one of subjects at which I was not good, so I only study necessary amount when I was a high school student. However, now I study English harder since I need it in order to read papers written in English. Mathematics that I liked and I was able to concentrate on has helped me and plans in my life, and enriched my life. My friends and teachers also have helped me. They have given a lot of advice. If you try things which you like or which you feel interesting, you will obtain not only wonderful memories but also the possibility that helps your life. Let us find something which you like and which you can concentrate on!