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Notice of Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus) Account

>>Read this information in Japanese/日本語で読む

When foreign residents open their bank account in Japan, the bank account opening procedures often take time.
Many international students have Japan Post Bank (JP Bank) accounts and you can open a JP Bank account in two different ways: applying in person at a bank service counter and applying by post, which is called "Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus)".

"Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus)" is a type of their bank accounts, which is very convenient for foreign residents; more specifically, you can apply for the bank account opening without visiting the bank and the online application pages in various languages are available.
Tohoku University recommends you open the "Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus)" account.

* MEXT scholarship students and MEXT honors scholarship recipients need to have Japan Post Bank accounts to receive a stipend.
* Japan Post Bank does not allow you to receive remittances from overseas for the first six months after opening an account.

Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus)

・Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus) is a type of bank account in which you can open an account by post without visiting a bank service counter.
・There is no bankbook issued. You use a bank card for transferring money and checking your bank balance online.
・You can use the bank card at JP Bank ATMs and convenience store ATMs.

【How to apply】
Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus) Application Page(Multi-language)
▶Select preferred language from the page and then click the "Open a Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus) account" button.

Japan Post Bank Direct + (Plus) account opening application should be made online first and then mail necessary documents by post.
・Enter all the required information in the online application form, print it, and mail it in, along with a copy of your Residence Card (must show your current address) and Student ID card.
・You will receive a bank card by post about two weeks after applying.
・If your application contains any mistakes or is missing documents, JP Bank will contact you by post. All communication will be in Japanese. If you are not comfortable reading Japanese, please ask a tutor, etc. to assist you.