What human beings are, and what I am.



1.What kind of the research are you doing?

My study is to investigate the energy balance of the atmosphere and surface of the Earth, and the mechanism of those changes. The Earth receives shortwave radiation (light) from the sun and balances by emitting longwave radiation (infrared radiation). It is balanced on average throughout the year, but the energy received by the surface and atmosphere depends on the season and location. As a result, the wind blows and the ocean current is generated. In addition, there exists water on the surface and in the atmosphere. Due to reasonable temperature, its phase is three forms of water vapor (gas), water (liquid), and ice (solid). Water vapor condenses to make clouds, causing rain and snow. Aerosol (airborne particulate matter) plays an important role as a condensation nucleus in the process of cloud formation. The cloud reflects and absorbs shortwave radiation, and absorbs and emits longwave radiation, so it has a large influence on the energy balance of the surface. Water vapor also affects shortwave radiation and longwave radiation. Since evaporation and precipitation on the surface involves absorption and release of latent heat, this also affects the energy balance of the atmosphere-surface system. At present, in our laboratory, analysis of satellite observation data, various observations from the ground and ship are carried out, and we are promoting the research on the influence of water vapor, cloud, precipitation, aerosol, and the energy balance of the atmosphere-surface system. We are also studying the interaction between cloud and ocean in the North Pacific.

2.What is the reason for starting your study?

Based on the fact that I was invited to read a book by a friend in the same class when I entered university. The title of the book is" Climate and Life" written by M. I. Budyko, Russian climatologist. This opportunity and the professors who took care of us at that time lead me to the research.

3.Message for prospective students

University discovers new knowledge and builds up the academic system by accumulating it. At the same time, university is also a place to think about what the world surrounding us is, what human beings are, and what I am. Through such activities, universities are required to develop knowledgeable staff even when society changes drastically, and to nurture human resources that can contribute to create a better society. Let's do our best together to make a better future.