Madoka Eurika HAZEMI Madoka Eurika HAZEMI Madoka Eurika HAZEMI

Since I was a kid, I have a keen desire to understand the world around me.


Madoka Eurika HAZEMI

1.What kind of the research are you doing?

DNA is well-known for its double helix structure. However, it has been revealed that DNA could actually form many other different structures, for example, 4-stranded structure. The 4-stranded structure of DNA is associated with a number of well-known diseases including cancer, and therefore seen as drug target. My research is focusing on the creation of functional small molecules that exhibit specific recognition and reaction to the 4-stranded DNA.

2.What is the reason for starting your study?

Since I was a kid, I have a keen desire to understand the world around me. I was eager to understand scientific phenomena in myriad other seemingly everyday things like why a balloon floats in the sky, or how the drugs cure my cold, etc. I saw chemistry as having the answers I sought. This passion for the field led to my choosing to come all the way to Japan to major in Chemistry at the prestigious Tohoku University. As I started the course and advanced my own research, I found out that a major in Chemistry not only quenches my curiosity about the world and lets me had a lot of fun doing interesting experiments, but teaches me important attributes such as problem solving, team work, and persistency that are extremely useful for my future career.

3.Message for prospective students

6 years ago, I came to Tohoku University as an Indonesian high-school graduate, filled with a lot of fear and self-doubt not knowing how my life in Japan, far from the comforts of family and home, would be. But now I could honestly assure that studying in Tohoku University is one of the best decisions I made in my life. Through tons of struggles of doing challenging research, the hardship of learning Japanese, and the happiness of being surrounded by great teachers and friends from all over the world, I have grown to be a complete and mature person. For any prospective students who are not only willing to be involved in great research, but are also excited to gain extraordinary lifetime experiences, Tohoku University is for you!