When I see children enjoying the activity, I am happy.



1.What kind of the research are you doing?

I am researching the Astronomical Instrument, which is called “Adaptive Optics”. When one observes astronomical objects through a telescope, the atmospheric fluctuation disturbs the light from the astronomical bodies, and the image of stars becomes blurred. The adaptive optical system is an instrument that restores the blurred image by the atmospheric fluctuation to sharp one, and it is installed in a large telescope such as the Subaru telescope. In our laboratory, we are working in research and development on the adaptive optics system of the 30 meter telescope (Thirty Meter Telescope, TMT), which will be operated after 2020. I have developed an adaptive optics system for the 51 cm telescope of Tohoku University, and I am doing experiments under the starry sky.

2.What is the reason for starting your study?

I took a cue from my graduation research in undergraduate. In the graduation research, we studied ultrashort pulse laser, which measures femto-second physical phenomenon, and developed a device, which can measure high-speed phenomena. Then, I had wanted to develop the instrument for observing something in a long distance. Also I became interested in the development of the astronomical Instrumentation. I learned that the adaptive optics allows us to observe the astronomical bodies in a greater distance. This is what I want to study.

3.Message for prospective students

I volunteer for science education. When I see children enjoying the activity, I am happy. Whenever I see their smiles, I realize how fun understanding is. The University is a good environment where you can satisfy intellectual curiosity. I hope that you learn various field without prejudice. Please find what you are absorbed in your university life. “What one likes, one will do well.”