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Important Notice on Tuition Waiver

To International Students who are applying
for Entrance / Tuition Fee Waiver,

The designated form, "The Statement of the Financial Situation" (Form 5) is a very important document to assess applicant's financial situation. Truthful and accurate statements must be made concerning your financial situation in Japan.

On the bottom part of the form, there is a section in which your advisor must write remarks. These remarks about your academic record as well as your life in Japan are very important for the screening procedure. You must contact your advisor and ask for the form to be filled out.

The Student Support Department will contact your advisors directly when any inaccurate statements are found.

Application will be rejected when Form 5 is not submitted. When facts which differ from those on the application or intentional misinformation are found, the Entrance/Tuition waiver will be cancelled even after the approval. Furthermore, the applicants may be expelled from University for submitting false documents.

July 2013
Financial Support Section, Student Service Division,
Education and Student Support Department

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