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[ATTENTION] Bear Sighted on May. 29!!

Dear International Students at School of Science,

Wild bears have been seen around the campus recently.
Check the Bear Sighting map here:

Latest Sighting:
In the mountain across the road near stairs located north side of the Physics Bldg. (see the map above)
Sighted by: a student
When: 11:00 pm on Thursday, May 29, 2014.

- NOT to go outside alone in the dusk and dawn.
- To make noise when you walk through the map above, such as to carry bear bells, or sing,
whistle or talk.
(these actions will alert bears to your presence, and give them a chance to avoid you)
- NOT to leave your garbage outside, even at the collection spot.
Make sure to put them out after the sun rise. Odors may attract hungry bears.
[Warnings on Sendai City web page]

Information in Japanese: