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Dean's Greeting

The origin of science can be traced back to the 6th century BC, and it started with observation and classification of natural phenomena. Accordingly, natural science is the most traditional field in the various scientific fields. Natural science can simply be called "science", and thus, we feel that natural science can be used to learn the field of science.

"Science (= Natural science)" is a field of learning, the essence of which is "intellectual creation", and it is initiated from pure inquiring minds and curiosity, i.e., an appetite for knowing or interest towards objects is needed. The missions of the Faculty of Science is to understand the principles of nature, which our predecessors have clarified, to produce intellectual assets for humankind by exploring "intellectual creation" with imagination and a spirit for challenges, and to pass them along to future generations in a systematized form.

The Faculty of Science of Tohoku University, which was established over 100 years ago, is one of the largest faculties of science in Japan. It is composed of 7 departments, Mathematics, Physics, Geophysics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Geoenviromental Science, Earth and Planetary Materials Science, and Biology, each performing top notch research in multiple areas. The research of the Faculty of Science of Tohoku University involves a wide variety of academic fields from ways to produce new energy to "intellectual creation" through integrated research in different fields and brings about close interactions with a diverse group of people. Meeting people with diverse backgrounds will surely enriches your life and will lead you to new experiences and knowledge as well as help you recognize various cultural values and world views.

We look forward to facing new challenges towards "intellectual creation" with young people like you on the Aobayama campus in the lush greenery.

April, 2017


Masahiro Terada,
Dean, Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science