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Dean's Greeting

What is the world around us like? Where do we come from and where are we going? Modern 'science' pursues the answers to the questions that everyone wonders about by studying nature. The mission of the School of Science at Tohoku University is to generate common intellectual assets and to pass them along to future generations in a systematized form through research and education in the most advanced fields of science.

In order to expand the frontiers of knowledge, it is important to respect the achievements of predecessors and to think for yourself with curiosity and imagination. Your curiosity is enhanced by appreciating your field of study, experiencing various fields of study, and interacting with other people. In the School of Science, we have 7 departments: Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy and Geophysics, Chemistry, GeoEnvironmental Science, Earth Planetary Materials Science, and Biology. It covers almost every field of science and is one of the largest institutions of science in Japan. Faculty members and students from various fields strive for academic and educational achievements. The diverse and interdisciplinary research surroundings have been creating new collaborative fields, such as mathematics with chemistry or condensed matter physics, particle physics with earth science, chemistry with biology, and so on.

The diversity in the individual backgrounds of the students is also important. A group of people from different educational environments and experiences will generate new power. The freshmen who have enrolled in the Faculty of Science in April 2016 come from 39 different prefectures, and only 25% of them are from Tohoku region. At present, about 15% students of the Graduate School of Science are from abroad.

There is no doubt that when you interact with people who have various knowledge, experiences, values, and world views, that experience will enrich not only your academic performance but also your life. We look forward to spending time with you on the Aobayama campus in the lush greenery. I have high hopes on the power of young people.

April, 2016


Tadahiro Hayasaka,
Dean, Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science