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English Translation of Student Handbook (for graduate students)

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The "Student Handbook", translated into English for international students of the Graduate School of Science is available online! (Only accessible within campus network)

The handbook contains information on academic matters, student services, regulations, and so on.
With contents almost identical to the Japanese version (except for matters that are not relevant to international students) and Japanese headers on each page, we hope this handbook will make it easier for you to ask questions to administrative staff and laboratory members, and at the same time, for them to answer your questions.
We will welcome any comments/inputs on this publication from you!



This is an unofficial translation edited by DiRECT for the reference of international students.
The official text is the Japanese version, and if there are any differences between Japanese and English versions, the Japanese one always takes precedence.
<Ref: 2021 Student Handbook in Japanese>

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