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The department of chemistry was established in June 1907 with the establishment of Tohoku Imperial University, predecessor to the present Tohoku University. In the 100 years since its founding, the department of chemistry has grown to the most prestigious institution in chemistry of Japan. The department of chemistry, with its 52 faculty members of 17research groups, is now the largest in the nation. The number ratio between students and faculty members is almost 1:1, and it creates a highly conducive environment for student research and study. The members of the department of chemistry are all instilled with a strong motivation to seek out and investigate the unknown, and many of our most outstanding scientists have left a legacy of important work in their respective fields. Majima Riko, Akabori Shiro, Nozoe Tetsuo, and Koji Nakanishi, all recipients of the National Culture Award of Japan, are four of the most distinguished members of our faculty.