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Dean's Greeting

"Science" is an academic field that has the "creation of information", originating from pure inquiry and curiosity, like "want to know" and "interesting", at its core. The mission of the Faculty of Science is to create intellectual assets for all humankind by better understanding the "natural reason" that our predecessors have revealed and cultivating the "creation of knowledge" with imagination and a fighting spirit and to pass it on to the future through its systematization.

However, the path to the creation of information is never easy. The process of boldly challenging questions that do not have answers and having free ideas without being bound by preconceived ideas is fun, but there are often agonizing roadblocks in the mind. Research that clarifies the "science of nature" is a steep road that requires not only intelligence but also spirit. That is why the sense of achievement when you unravel a part of it is wonderful. Sometimes that sense is exaggerated as a feeling that one has conquered the "natural world"! Moreover, one may be immersed in a sense of superiority for a moment. Unfortunately, it is only for a moment because the next wall awaits to be challenged.

I think that those who boldly challenge unanswered questions with intelligence and spirit are the human resources that are needed right now. Infectious diseases are spreading on a global scale, and humankind is facing major challenges that they have never experienced before, such as the prevention of socio-economic collapse in the fight against the invisible fears of viruses. I believe that the wisdom and mettle obtained through scientific research will undoubtedly be used as a force for surviving these uncertain times and as a driving force to change the future.

I am excited to be able to take on new challenges toward the creation of knowledge together with young people on the green Aobayama campus and to demonstrate the power we have cultivated through that new knowledge toward the creation of a new era in the near future.

April, 2021


Masahiro Terada,
Dean, Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science