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The land that we stand on, the air that we breath, the food that we eat, all are products of the past 4.6 billion years Earth history. We human beings too. How were we created? Where we will go? The Department of Biology was established in 1922 and has been producing a number of graduates and postgraduates active in both academic and non-academic world. Since the Department was founded, the priority-in-research and open-door spirits of Tohoku University prevail over the Department as well. While the Department has kept the spirit and tradition founded by the pioneers on the one hand, it is promoting updated research activities in response to ever-developing biological sciences on the other. Present research activities cover the wide range of basic biology, from molecular and cellular biology through ecology and evolutionary biology. Three facilities, the Asamushi Laboratory of Marine Biology, the Mount Hakkoda Botanical Laboratory, and the Botanical Garden, also contribute to the education and research activities in the Department. In 2001, the whole department was reorganized to establish the Graduate School of Life Sciences. We more than welcome talented biologists and students to promote and enjoy biological sciences in Sendai.