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Mathematics is known to provide the language for describing the natural world. Its progress has been directly linked to that of other scientific fields, as notably seen in the case of Einstein's formulation of general relativity, made possible by the timely development of Riemannian geometry.

The Mathematical Institute of Tohoku University was established in 1911. Many important contributions to various fields of modern mathematics have since originated at the Institute. Among these are Tannaka's Duality Theorem, by Tadao Tannaka, as well as the concept of Sasakian Manifolds, by Shigeo Sasaki, which has recently drawn renewed interest in its connection to Superstring Theory. The Institute is currently a base of many researchers and students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are actively engaged in a wide range of research fields, which cover algebra, analysis, geometry, and logic.

The Institute houses a library, one of the best in the country, which holds more than 60,000 books and journals. The members of the Institute have full access to the resources, and it offers a welcome environment for active learning and research. In addition, the Institute has continued to publish the "Tohoku Journal of Mathematics" since its founding in 1911, the very first of its kind in Japan, now internationally recognized for its academic authority.