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International Course
IGPAS (International Graduate Program for Advanced Science)

・IGPAS Application Booklet 2018 (Under Construction)
・IGPAS Application Booklet 2017 (Reference)


Application Period & Key Dates

IGPAS 2018

Program begins: October 1, 2018 (2018 Fall Semester)

* Detailed schedule: TBA

Online Pre-Application Period
Mid November 2017
Application Period
Mid November–December 2017
Notification of Results
February 2018

*Dates are subject to change.

Please read IGPAS FAQ before making an application.

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Find a potential supervisor among the faculty members in the field of your interest.
    Applications will not be accepted without the consent of at least one faculty member as a prospective supervisor. The supervisor must be a professor, an associate professor, or a lecturer (senior assistant professor) who is affiliated with or has eligibility to accept students of the Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University. To search for faculty members, refer to the following websites:
      -- Academic Research Staff at Tohoku University
    ※The website contains information on all faculty members of Tohoku University. Make sure to select "Graduate School of Science" in the "Affiliation" section when searching by keywords.

      -- Departmental websites

    Earth Science 

  • Step 2: Contact the faculty members directly via email and obtain their consent.
    When contacting the faculty members, be sure to:
      -- gather information on the faculty members and their field of research in advance by checking out their publications, research papers, and personal websites.
      -- include "IGPAS 2018" in the subject line of your email.
      -- provide your academic background, interest, and goal in detail.
  • Step 3: Register online via IGPAS Pre-Application Form.
    * Registration period of the Online Pre-Application: TBA
  • Step 4: Prepare the required documents for the application.
    (see "6. APPLICATION DOCUMENTS" of the IGPAS Application Booklet).
  • Step 5: Send your application to the IGPAS Admissions Office.
    All documents should be enclosed together, sent via airmail, and received by the IGPAS Admissions Office by the application deadline (Specific due date will be announced later).
    *The IGPAS Admissions Office will email you to inform the arrival of the documents along with your application number.

Download Forms

Please refer to "5. APPLICATION AND SELECTION" and "6. APPLICATIN DOCUMENTS" of the IGPAS application booklet first, and then download the required forms shown below. Additional documents are also required for application.

—Each document should be written in English.
—Attach an English translation of the documents if written in a language other than English.
—Do not staple the documents; just place them in the listed order.
—Submitted materials will not be returned.

Application Forms (IGPAS 2017)

[NOTE] Forms for IGPAS 2018 will be uploaded in November 2017.
Excel / Word    PDF     
Application Checklist
*Please enclose in your application.
1 page
Form1: Application for Admission
3 pages
Form2: Statement of Reason for Applying for the Program
1 page
Form3: Research Proposal
1 page
Form4: Summary of Past Research
1 page
Form5: Recommendation Letter
*Required TWO recommendation letters.
1 page
Form6: Official Recommendation Letter
1 page