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[Waiver Result] 2013 Spring

To students who have applied for Waiver(s) of Entrance Fee and Tuition,

Those who have applied for their Entrance Fee Waiver (new students at Tohoku University in April 2013), and/or Tuition Waiver (new students + current students) will receive a result notice by either of university internal mail or postal mail. (Depends on the return envelope you have submitted at the time of application)

All the applicants WILL receive the result notice.
Please contact the section below if you do not receive it by July 22.

If not waived, the due dates for each payment are: admission Fee*1 13 September, 2013
*1 Pay at the Cashiers window at School of Science.
  Spring Tuition*2 25 September, 2013*3
*2 Tuition will be ducted automatically from your registered bank account on the above date. Also fine to pay in advance at the Cashiers window at School of Science.
*3 "August 27" for students in their final semester.
If not paid by the above date, you will lose your student status on the last day in September 2013.

Financial Support Section, Student Services Division
Place: No.3 counter, 1F, admission. Bldg. Kawauchi-Kita Campus
Phone: 022-795-7816
Email: Shogaku[at]