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Pictures of a Total Lunar Eclipse

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, the total lunar eclipse seen for the first time since it last happened in December 2011.
A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon sweeps across directly behind the Earth making an alignment in such that the Earth is in between the Sun and the Moon.
Especially the Moon completely hides in the shadow of the Earth is called a total lunar eclipse.
On the night, the sky was clear and it was perfect condition to take pictures of this eclipse in Sendai.
Many students tried to shoot pictures of the eclipse here in Aobayama campus.
These pictures were provided from Tatsuro Watanabe, an undergraduate student in Astronomical institute, succeeded to capture the perfect shot of the lunar eclipse in his camera.

Snapshot of the total luner eclipse (7:54pm)

This is a snapshot of what the pasted process of the luner eclipse (6:14pm ~ 9:34pm)

Courtesy of Tatsuro Watanabe