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Alert: Sighting of bear

ATTN: All(Sighting of bear)

Sendai central police office reported a bear sighting.

Source: Sendai central police office
Date/time: May 19 (Tue.), 2015, approx. 18:00
Place: Near the Gokoku Shrine. (see attached map: PDF)

*Information on bear sightings is relayed to the appropriate Sendai City authorities, with whom we conduct an on-site investigation and consider countermeasures. City authorities have advised that students remain alert at all times.
Future sightings will be reported as needed. In particular, students and instructors in departments located close to the sighting location are advised to be alert and take necessary precautions to ensure safety.

(Reference: Excerpt from Sendai City website)
-Try not to go out at dawn or late at night.
-Do not leave garbage outside overnight; place it at collection points during daylight hours.
-When entering wilderness areas, carry something that emits noise, such as a radio.

For details, see the article on Asian black bears on the Sendai City
website wildlife page. (Japanese) (English)

Information in Japanese: