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Special Lecture by Professor Vaughan Jones

Date: June 26th, 2015, 16:30-17:30
Place: Aoba Science Hall, Science Complex C building, 2F MAP H-04
Poster: Download (PDF)
Audience: Faculty/Staff. Student
Admission: Free

Knots and ways to obtain them from groups.

A knot is a very familiar object from everyday life. We use them all the time, perhaps most often for tying our shoelaces.... Mathematical knots are idealisations of physical knots but capture something of their essence.
A group is a mathematical object consisting of a set with a binary operation satisfying a few axioms. Groups have been pervasive in mathematics since the middle of the 19th century. After defining a group and giving a couple of easy examples, I will give two more complicated but very concrete groups,the braid group and R. Thompson's group F. We will see how they can both be used to construct all knots, and say something about those knots.

This article is about the mathematician. For the former soccer player, see Vaughan Jones (footballer). Sir Vaughan Frederick Randal Jones KNZM FRS FRSNZ FAA (born 31 December 1952) is a New Zealand mathematician, known for his work on von Neumann algebras and knot polynomials.

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