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Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, is now accepting applications for faculty positions as detailed below.

Application Guidelines

1. Position Title and Number of Positions: One tenure-track assistant professorship is available, with potential promotion to an associate professor if the applicant successfully completes the tenure review.

2. Term of Office: The tenure-track position will last for a period of five years.

3. Affiliation: The selected candidate will be affiliated with the Quantum Dynamics Group, Department of Physics, Tohoku University.

4. Responsibilities and Activities: The appointee will be expected to undertake the following research and teaching duties:
(1) Collaboration with the professor in the Quantum Dynamics Group to conduct experimental research. The group's current focus is on investigating the extreme universe through solid-state physics with studies on semiconductor transport, optical experiments, and quantum information. For more details on the research, please refer to the laboratory's website:
(2) Educational responsibilities at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, including general education. Administrative responsibilities in cooperation with the faculty members of the Department of Physics. Communications of education and administration are majorly conducted in Japanese.

5. Joining Date: Employment commences as soon as possible after a successful application.

6. Qualifications: Applicants should have a doctoral degree at the time of appointment and demonstrated commitment to research and education, as evidenced by an outstanding record of achievements. Basic Japanese language skill.

7. Salary and Benefits: The tenure-track researcher will be employed as a fixed-term employee and will receive the No. 3 annual salary stipend, in accordance with the Tohoku University Salary Regulations for Employees. Working hours, salary, holidays, and insurance will align with Tohoku University's established policies.

8. Tenure Review Process: An interim evaluation review will take place by the end of the third year of employment, followed by a tenure review at least one year before the tenure's expiration. If the candidate passes the tenure review, tenure will be granted, and the candidate will be promoted to the rank of an associate professor.

9. Required Application Documents are as follows: (Please note that submitted documents will not be returned)
(1) Curriculum vitae (use the university's prescribed format:*.xlsx)
(2) List of achievements including the following:
a. Peer-reviewed papers, nonrefereed papers, and books (include DOIs if available, and clearly indicate if the paper is under submission) b. Presentations at international and domestic conferences (please specify invited lectures and keynote speeches)
c. Record of obtaining external funding
d. Other noteworthy accomplishments (awards received, teaching experiences, mentoring of students, contributions to your institution's administration, etc.)
(3) Summaries of your main publications (limited to three papers, about five lines per paper)
(4) Overview of research achievements (approximately 1000 words, indicating the relationship with the main publications)
(5) Future research and teaching plans and aspirations (approximately 1000 words)
(6) Two letters of recommendation (directly sent to the e-mail address mentioned below from recommenders)

10. Application Deadline: All applications must be received by September 30, 2023.

11. Application Submission: Please compile your application into a single PDF document and submit it via e-mail to the provided contact address.

12. Contact Information: For any inquiries, please contact Professor Go Yusa, Department of Quantum Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University at the following e-mail address
e-mail: yusa[at] (Replace * with @)

13. About the Department of Physics: For more information, please visit our website:

14. Commitment to Gender Equality: Tohoku University is an equal opportunity employer actively committed to promoting gender equality and supporting female faculty members. For further details, visit and