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Relocation of the sections for Student Services

The following sections relevant to student services will be consolidated into one office, starting Tuesday, September 24.

< The Academic Affairs Division >
• Graduate Academic Affairs Section (Kyomu #1)
• Undergraduate Academic Affairs Section (Kyomu #2)
• Student Support Section (Kyomu #3)

< Department Office >
• Student Services of the Physics Office
    (Physics, Astronomy, Geophysics)
• Student Services of the Chemistry Office
• Student Services of the Earth Science Office
    *All sections of the Mathematics Office (including student services) are NOT moving this time.

♦ New Office:
Second floor, Science Administration Center [Ref. ‐> New Layout]
(The opposite room of the current kyomu office; former office of the Accounting Division)


♦ Office Hours:
8:30-12:45, 13:45-17:15
(Window is closed 12:45-13:45 for lunch, except in cases of emergency.)

□ The relocating sections will be closed from Wednesday, September 18 through Monday, September 23.
□ The bulletin board of each department office will be reinstalled along the wall of the new office.
□ The Certificate Issuing Machine will be available as before, in the same place (in the kyomu lobby).